Salad You Tiao

Authentic Singaporean snacks, also known as "Sotong You Tiao”. "Sotong" means “squid” in Malay. Sotong You Tiao is the most popular snack found in Singaporean food stalls. ASIAN TWIST is now presenting this street food to our local diners in its original flavor, giving them the opportunity to taste the most authentic Salad You Tiao.
Our chef chops and stirs the fresh squid meat daily till it forms a paste, before he carefully adds the squid paste into the sectioned You Tiao and fully fries it into golden yellow. We recommend dipping the You Tiao in our homemade salad dressing. Crispy You Tiao, with the al dente squid paste and the both sweet and sour salad dressing, brings out the freshness of squid. Our Salad You Tiao is certainly an excellent appetizer.