ASIAN TWIST Wanchai introduces the group’s  self-developed coffee brewing machine to Hong Kong for the first time, bringing unique Kopiccino and Latte to all coffee lovers in the territory. The injection filter of the machine, replacing manual work, maintains high stability of air and water pressure when preparing the coffee.

With a variety of specially selected Kopi beans, each sip of Kopi is exceptionally creamy and delicious. The distinctive layers of milk and coffee leave you a memorable culinary treat.

Kopi was first developed by the Hainan people in the late colonial era with an integration of the western coffee brewing techniques. Kopi bean brewed is therefore lower in fat but tastes extremely good.  It serves as the gateway for you to understand the culinary history and culture of Singapore.  A cup of Kopi with rich aroma and silky smooth froth guarantees to delight coffee aficionado.